Attractions and highlights

Leisure activities in rainy weather and not only

Here a few things you can do with your free time in Alta Badia

Alta Badia is full of attractions, and we are sure you will discover things you didn't know before! Don't worry if it rains, it's impossible to get bored in Alta Badia. Just make sure you don't miss any of the attractions listed below...


Museum Ladin

Museum Ladin
Ciastel de Tor

The museum grants the visitors a glance into the history and culture of the Ladin Dolomite valleys.

Str. Tor 65
I-39030 San Martino in Badia
+39 0474 524020

Ursus Ladinicus

Museum Ladin
Ursus Ladinicus

 The origins, discovery and excavation of the Conturines cave & the bear and its habitat.

Str. Micurá de Rü 26
I-39036 San Cassiano
+39 0474 524020


Oies, the Birthplace of Saint Joseph Freinademetz

Saint Joseph Freinademetz, the saint of Alta Badia, is the first South Tyrolean Saint.

Str. Promenade, 2
I-39036 Badia
+39 0471 839635


Galleria d'Ert

Permanent exhibition of paintings by Raimond Mussner 

Str. Col Alt 87
I-39033 Corvara
+39 0471 836088


La Crusc SummerPark

SummerPark La Crusc

The summer-time adventure land for the entire family

Santa Croce
I-39036 Badia
+39 0471 839645

Les Viles

The Hamlets (Les Viles)

The hamlets are farming communities spread over the slopes of Val Badia

+39 0471 847037
I-39036 Badia
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Adventure Park

A series of 5 routes with increasing difficulty able to meet every expectation

Str. Sotdlijia
I-39033 Colfosco
+39 0471 836898

La Crusc/Heilig Kreuz

La Crusc/Santa Croce

Sanctuary at 2.045 m.
Popular photo motif

Santa Croce
I-39036 Badia
+39 0471 839571


Audi FIS Ski World Cup

Audi FIS Ski World Cup
Alta Badia

Every winter, around mid-December, the world of skiing looks to South Tyrol and Alta Badia

I-39036 La Villa
+39 0471 0471 830161

Paisc da Nadé

Paisc da Nadé - Christmas market

With “Paisc da Nadé” the village will be set in a traditional alpine Christmas atmosphere.

I-39036 San Cassiano
+39 0471 849422

Ski & Gourmet

A taste
for skiing

The tasty initiative on the slopes of Alta Badia

Alta Badia
+39 0471 836176

Vintage Party

Ski Carousel
Vintage Party

The ski season closing party with the special vintage atmosphere

I-39033 Corvara
+39 0471 836176 

Maratona dles Dolomites

dles Dolomites

The world famous road bike marathon in the Dolomites with start and finish in Alta Badia

I-39033 Corvara
+39 0471 839536

Sellaronda Bike Day

Bike Day

The cycling day for everyone around the Sella massif

Sella massif
+39 0471 777777

Alta Badia Gourmet

of gastronomy

Alta Badia gives your summer holiday even more flavour

Alta Badia
+39 0471 836176

Sonns y saus

Sonns y saus de Armentara

A pleasure hike through the spectacular natural scenery of the Armentara meadows

I-39030 La Val
+39 0471 843072